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How many times do you find yourself asking, after reading a question in YA, ';how do these people function?';?

I mean, not to be cruel or anything, but some of the questions in here make me wonder how some of these people dress themselves. Is it just me?

And so as not to offend, I know I am dumber than a bos of rocks. I am so intellectually bankrupt that I can't even pay someone to pay attention for me!

I want to specialize in infectious and genetic diseases and have a job like dr.gregory house how do i do that?

tell me the whole enchilada.......... salaray,colleges,classes,everything!!!if you are a doctor that does these kind of things please explain how you did it
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  • How to build muscle on a horse for halter showing?

    I have a wonderful mare who is by a world champion halter stallion and sire but she is quite ';tall and gangly';. I want to show her in halter as it's in the blood, but as she is so fine, what can I do to build all that muscle?How to build muscle on a horse for halter showing?
    ride, ride, ride. THey love it and it builds muscle. just dont over do it. Also lunging helps a lot :] good luck.How to build muscle on a horse for halter showing?
    Ride her, you can probably give her suppliments to but i wouldnt do that unless you consult a vet to make sure it is ok, the only thing i give my skinny horses is beat pulp.
    Long trotting, slow loping, working in sand or deep dirt, backing up, flexing, suppling, stretching, pivoting, side passing at all gaits(or whatever you might call it) Um trotting over a series of trot poles. If she's not broke, the lunge her a lot everyday.
    ok... it depends how old she is, there are many grains out there that do many things but oats are the best way to go also the omaline 2oo, 100, and 300 work well.. it builds fat and makes there coat really shiny. feed 1-2 flakes of hay a feeding(alfalfa) dac oil or flaxeed oil is great for the coat to. make sure you worm the horse also. when you work them do not ride. it gets rid of back fat. put a sweat on her neck and work her for 15 minutes each day.(she needs to foam when she sweats to know you have a good sweat) if you work her more then that she will burn to many caleries.

    TROTTING pulls the stomach up and gets rid of a hay belly

    LOPING- builds back fat and leg muscle.

    try to go the both ways an equal amount of time.
    Hit the round pen, if you don't have access to one then get a lounge line. I thing a fast working trot builds muscle the fastest. When I'm trying bulk up a horse for show I start them at a slow trot to warm them up then get them up to a good working trot. I judge when to stop by the horse, you don't want to over work them but you want to push just a little. That plus a good workout when you ride and it should help bulk her up a little. Halter is about conformation though, extra muscle looks great and could help in a ty-breaker situation but over all if she's got good conformation you should do just fine anyways!
    Do lots of trotting work. Especially on a lunge line. I would give her at least 6 weeks to start filling out. Also, if you can afford to I would put her on a coat supplement that has a good amount of fat in it. I like using a flax based product, because vegetable oil and corn oil may make your horse shiny, but it is really not good for them because it is a pro-inflammatory (omega 6's, like fast food!). That would be counterproductive especially if you are going to be working on putting muscle on. Give that at least a month to six weeks as well. As long as her conformation is put together well, I wouldn't worry so much on beefing her up. I am sure she is quite a beauty! I have a halter type as well and he can just stand in the pasture and not move and he still looks muscular.
    how old is the mare?
    Work her daily...focus on collection and other maneuvers
    you train them a lot and ride them after there fullly trained and u should be good to go !
    Well I own a grand champion halter horse mare and I ride and excersise her everyday. She was born a big muscular mare and i have never really had a problem putting muscle on her but if you really want to show her in halter i would advice you to lunge her for a least 30 minutes every day. This will get her nice and fit and it will build muscle. If your mare does not end up looking like a body builder that is ok because some horses are just not meant to be super muscular . I know a mare who is really slim and tiny and her brother was a world champion halter horse.. I just depends on their body type.

    How to retrain my horse using natural horsemanship?

    My 6 year old develops awful manners throughout the winter months due to the fact that we do not have an indoor to use him in. I am looking to retrain him using natural horsemanship because that is what he was brought up with. Can anyone point out some good Parelli or other videos to watch?How to retrain my horse using natural horsemanship?
    From personal first hand experience the Parelli system can make your horse nervy, head shy, not cope in stressful situations, pushy.

    I will get bagged out for saying this, but I would never touch a Parelli horse again. They swing a lead rope at the horse to get it to move away quickly, if it does not respond quick enough then it will get hit with the rope. Now you have a horse who moves away quickly and becomes nervous and jumpy that they will then be punished.

    So what I'm left with is a horse who won't stand still and runs away when you approach them? I can't make much sense out of it. This horse was not taught by DVD's, he actually attended 2 years of Parelli certified instruction courses and was in level 3.

    I like Monty Roberts methods and I also like Clinton Andersons methods. While DVD's are better than nothing, be careful about handing out hundreds of dollars for a system that does not give you a well rounded teaching method, such as Parelli. Nothing will beat the great instruction you will get hands on from a good mentor, if you have one near you ;-)

    This is a link to a disturbing video that shows the Parelli techniques and has a bit more of my story in my answer.鈥?/a>

    All I will say is take a good look at several methods and look beyond the ';puff'; of advertising gimmicks before making a large investment in these DVD's. I know 1 person out of all my horse friends who swears by it, but no other people can handle her horse. He needs to be handled with specific methods or the horse is in a constant battle for the leadership.

    Good luck with your fellow ;-)

    *** ADD - @ horsemadangel -

    The horse I purchased was trained ONLY by certified Parelli instructors - are you implying they don't know what they are doing, since Mr. Parelli himself travels here and certify's them?

    The video I have linked to does not lie. What I wrote above is MY personal experience with Parelli and I am happy for you to disagree with me.

    However please explain the video to me and help me understand why, it was necessary for her to treat the horse in such a manner. He stood and gave his attention to her several times for short snippets. In a clinic situation like that, those small pieces of GOOD should have been picked up and rewarded.

    It is like dealing with a child, they have short attention spans and are excited by new places. You don't teach advanced mathematics in the middle of a shopping centre because it is distracting and hard to concentrate.

    So I feel the horses should have been asked to pay attention and then rewarded on any of the many times he stood still and looked at her. If she had acted quicker in her praise the situation would not have dragged on and became ridiculous.

    Please justify the method used here so perhaps we can all understand.

    I purchased a level 3 Parelli horse only 2 months ago, because I thought it would be good. So I'm not a Parelli basher from way back! But I have been left absolutely astounded at the behaviour of this horse. Then even more disgusted the more I have researched and discovered about these methods.

    Oh and by the way, I have not even given you a TD, because that is your opinion! Can you say the same? ;-(How to retrain my horse using natural horsemanship?
    hi there, i am a dedicated parelli student and have trained many horses with it, and never seen a bad result :) unfortunately it seems there are people who dont like parelli, probably because the parelli they have seen has not been done properly, the whole idea of it is to become a good leader while at the same time creating a loving relationship with your horse.

    Definitely start with the 7 games, they are so so useful and are the foundation to everything parelli. if you can, get yourself a halter, 12ft line and carrot stick/string, and the level 1/2 dvds. Its also worth joining the savvy club for $20 a month (you get DVDs, magazines, access to members only website, discounts etc etc).

    Parelli is fantastic, your horse will thank you for choosing it.

    Like i said, i have only had good experiences with parelli. I have successfully trained 3 youngsters from the start using parelli, all 3 are brilliant riding horses now, 2 involved in high standard dressage. I have also retrained my off the track racehorse with it, and can now ride him with no bridle, and no one would ever guess he was a racehorse.

    goos luck!! x
    Parelli is just one trainer. I think he takes too long to get to the point in order to get more of your $$ and then there's all that crap about introvert brains, etc...

    Get something simple, some real good basic training.

    Clinton Anderson has some to the point DVDs that help anyone get started and be point-blank with their horses. Great stuff.

    John Lyons also has some DVds, as does Chris Cox and Richard Winters.
    I would NOT, I repeat NOT! Go with Parelli in any way, shape, or form. A horse needs a leader- Not a babier. They need to be told what to do. They need a leader otherwise the horse starts to take over and that's when the bad things start to happen. I use and love Clinton Anderson. It works great, Shows you're the leader or the *herd*, and it doesn't hurt the horse in any way. I know I can't make you go with anything and if you want to use Parelli then you won't change your mind about it but I strongly recommend you at least think about it. If you really want to use Parelli I would go to YouTube and type in Parelli. You'll see stuff on there that's helpful to you. Even with Clinton Anderson you could do that. Hope this helps! =)

    -Fresh Paint-
    Start with the seven games!You can go to and buy some dvds to help you!

    How to start trading stocks?

    I want to get in the stock market. I have started reading about trading stocks and plan to do much more research before I start. I was going to use an online brokerage. Which would you recommend? And do I have to be 18 for this?How to start trading stocks?
    Yes you have to be 18.

    First three trades at Scottrade are free if you sign up through my link.鈥?/a>How to start trading stocks?
    TDAmeritrade is the best.

    Yes you have to be 18 but if your younger just have a guardian open it with you.

    Don't bother doing research. Can you read a book on how to ride a bike? You learn by doing so open your account and get cracking.

    I Write covered calls from home for a living.

    How old do you have to be to get a driver's permit in California?

    Was this changed for people born after the year of 1994 or is it still 15 1/2?How old do you have to be to get a driver's permit in California?
    Don't worry it's just a load. 15 and 1/2 is still good

    How much eggshell should I add to my tank?

    My tap water has 5.6mg calcium per liter. I'm getting around 200 malaysian trumpet snails and want to add crushed eggshell to increase the amount of calcium in the water. How much eggshell should I add to a 55g tank, and how often should I add new eggshell?

    ThanksHow much eggshell should I add to my tank?
    Hello Blob a half cup in your filter placed in a bag where the water flow can disperse the calcium into your tank should do.I don`t know how long it well take for eggshell to make a difference in the calcium level.You just have to wieght then test,then add more eggshell if needed.